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"You see, it's not that we want to be one of these giant manufacturers who believe quantity and price makes up for quality and pride...We just want to make great stuff...in a great country."      TRAGER

"With total commitment and dedication to the USA, our goal is to keep manufacturing in America to offer supreme quality products for Active Play and Educational needs."      TTALF

"In an industry where 95% of toy companies outsource the manufacture of toys to Asia, we are proud to remain American-made."      LINDENWOOD

"As the trend to move U.S. manufacturing jobs offshore in response to rising costs continued, Allen-Edmonds resisted."      ALLEN EDMONDS

"Our primary goal, however, still remains the same - to make fantastic products at great prices, domestically. A.S. Tees strives to keep the manufacturing in the U.S. while staying competitive."      A.S. TEES

"It is the goal of the company to continue to grow while supporting the U.S. economy by providing jobs and utilizing U.S. resources."      NUANGEL




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