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Who We Are


US Product Finder was created in 2006 for one purpose: to simply provide the most powerful, user-friendly way to research and find American made products.  Our search engine only indexes websites of US manufacturers that have been pre-screened by us.  Essentially, foreign manufacturers are filtered out of our search results.  If you prefer browsing, our category pages provide you with an organized listing of American manufacturers.  Also featured is our forum that you can freely join to discuss anything from products to politics.   


You will notice that US Product Finder hosts Google AdSense on our website.  The income generated from Google AdSense goes directly towards paying our operating costs.  You will find the Google Ads to be relevant; however, they have not been screened or filtered by US Product Finder. 



What Makes Us Different


US Product Finder does not sell products, we find them.  Since we do not sell products we avoid any conflict of interest and are able to offer you unbiased listings and research.


We are in the business of showing you what to buy, not where to buy.  If you shop smart, you can purchase domestic products just as economically as their imported counterparts.  In order to stretch the dollar, we recommend searching manufacturer websites as well as product comparison sites (Google Product Search and mySimon are our favorites!). 



Why We Do It


It only takes a walk around your local Wal-Mart to realize that America has a problem.  Since you found our website, there is no doubt you have your own reasons for being here.  Whether it be for social, political, or economic reasons, what matters to us is that we provide you with the resources to find what you are looking for.  We could bombard you with hundreds of links to organizations and affiliates that support American workers, etc.; however, we feel that the most effective and proactive approach is to help consumers identify and buy products Made in USA.     








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